The Haunting of the Harmony Inn

Harmony Inn – Butler County, Harmony, Pennsylvania

Photograph ©Collectable Webs

Built in 1856 by Austin Pearoe, this inn was originally used as a private residence. After the Civil War the home went on to become a hotel, livery stable, boarding house and more.

With the home passing hands so many times over the years, it’s hard to say exactly who is responsible for the paranormal activity within. Locals in the town of Harmony blame some of the activity on a man called “Barney” who apparently took a tumble down the staircase and died from a broken neck. However, regardless of whose haunting it, it definitely has some activity to substantiate the claims made by visitors and owners.

Many visitors and employees have said that they feel as if they’re being watched while they’re in the house. Most of these people also say that they don’t feel threatened by this gawking entity.

Some of the more noticeable activities include; objects moving on their own, cold spots and gusts of cold air that seem to come out of nowhere, unexplainable mists, electrical gadgets going haywire and the apparition of a man appearing in mirrors throughout the house.

Several apparitions have appeared in the house, as well as, outside. Many have spotted a female apparition in the entryway. Most describe this apparition as older with an early nineteen hundreds hairdo and dress.

Today, the inn still has claims of the paranormal from guests and employees alike.

230 Mercer Street
Harmony, Pennsylvania 16037
(724) 452-5124