The Haunting of Sprague Mansion

Sprague Mansion – Providence County, Cranston, Rhode Island

Photograph ©Haunted - Devon

1351 Cranston Street
Cranston, Rhode Island 02920
(401) 944-9226

A man named William Sprague built the Sprague Mansion in 1790. Mr. Sprague made his fortune in textiles; becoming the first manufacturer of cotton fabric in calico patterned print.

After the death of William, the home and family business was left to his two sons Amasa and William II. Amasa became the businesses overseer while his brother William II went on to follow a life of politics.

Amasa Sprague added on to the family home and transformed it from a farmhouse to the mansion that it is today. Amasa was also known to entertain many influential guests and his name was well known and respected in Cranston.

In December of 1843, Amasa left his home to set off on a business trip. The following morning, Amasa’s body was found close to the Sprague estate, beaten too death. The main murder suspect was a man named John Gordon, whom Amasa had refused a liquor license. John Gordon, guilty or not, was hanged for the murder. Unfortunately, new evidence came to light later on and it seems Mr. Gordon was actually innocent of the crime. The real murderer was never found and his or her identity remains a mystery today.

Paranormal activity has been reported in this home since the early nineteen hundreds. The first apparition to be added to published reports is that of a man, whom I assume is still seen today, walking down a staircase in the house. This man is believed to be Amasa Sprague. This same apparition has been seen in the wine cellar and is also believed to be responsible for cold gusts of air in that area.

Some of the activity in other parts of the house includes: bedding being unexplainably pulled off of the beds, even while people were sleeping in them. In the “Doll Room,” lights have been reported to flick on and off on their own, phantom footsteps have been heard, and many have reported feeling a presence in the room with them.

In 1968, a caretaker who was living in the house at that time, held a séance. During the session, the caretaker reported making contact with two spirits, that of Amasa Sprague and a former butler. It is reported that the séance ended when the Ouija board began to repetitively spell out the words “My land!” At this point the caretaker asked one more question, inquiring what these restless souls needed so that they could find peace. The answer he received; “Tell my story.”

Today, the Sprague Mansion still has quite a bit of paranormal reports and has become a paranormal investigators dream. The TAPS (Ghost Hunters) team did an investigation in the mansion and had several personal experiences, as well as, caught a few EVP’s within the house.