The Haunting of the Battery Carriage House Inn

Battery Carriage House Inn – Charleston County, Charleston, South Carolina

Photograph ©Kinggoji

20 South Battery
Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Built in 1843, the carriage house inn houses eleven guest rooms and is located on a larger estate occupied by a private mansion. This main mansion was abandoned during the Civil War because it was so close to enemy lines at the time.

In 1870 a Union officer named Colonel Richard Lathers purchased the house, however, he later sold the house due to the enormous amount of money that it would take to renovate it.

In 1874 the mansion changed hands again, this time being purchased by Andrew Simonds and the estate stayed in the Simonds family until the late 1920’s and then abandoned again.

Today the place is owned by the Hasties’ who have restored the mansion to its former beauty.

How long the mansion has been haunted is unknown. All accounts are taken from recent reports beginning around 1992 when the house was renovated.

In the carriage house, many have reported seeing the apparition of a tall man dressed in an overcoat. This apparition has walked right up to guests who were in their bed in room 8. He is also known for heavy breathing. One guest was brave enough to reach out in an attempt to touch the restless spirit and was growled at by the entity before it quickly dissipated.

Another guest to stay in room 8, who I might add did not believe in ghosts, quickly changed his mind when a chair was thrown and crashed into a wall, the toilet seat slammed shut for no reason and he had the overwhelming feeling that something was hovering over him!

In room 10, guests have claimed to see the apparition of another man float right through the door and into their room. One guest reported that this same spirit lay right down in the bed!

Some of the other guests to room 10 have reported seeing a man in their peripheral vision and when they turned he quickly disappeared. Some guests have heard phantom footsteps inside of the room when no one else was there. Some have seen the shadow of a man on the wall when no man was standing in the room. Some have photographed orbs in the room. And, one woman tried to video tape the room in an attempt to catch the spirit on film but was shocked when she played the tape back and discovered that this same entity had stood right in front of the camera, blocking out everything in the cameras view and they could hear breathing!!

In the raised basement rooms, guests have claimed that their cell phone that was shut off, turned itself on in the early morning hours or they were awakened to the sound of running water but the sound stopped as the entered the bathroom and the inside of the sink and tub was still dry!

Reports still pour in from guests who have had their own paranormal experiences in the Carriage House Inn. Due to the age of the place and the fact that it survived the brutal Civil War, it’s really no surprise that it’s so active with restless spirits.