The Haunting of the Bullock Hotel

The Bullock Hotel – Lawrence County, Deadwood, South Dakota

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Seth Bullock, founder of the Bullock Hotel, is a legend in his own right. Seth was appointed sheriff two days after he entered the rowdy town of Deadwood in 1876. At that time, Deadwood was a breeding ground for gunfights, barroom brawls and murder.

Seth was already known for his position as a Republican Senator in the Territorial Senate of Montana at the young age of 22. He was responsible for requesting that Congress establish Yellow Stone as a national park. In 1873, he became Sheriff of Lewis and Clark County in Montana, as well as, an auctioneer and commission merchant in Helena. And if that weren’t enough, he went on in his lifetime to establish a horse ranch, become a US Marshall, and the first resident of South Dakota to plant alfalfa. These are only a few of Seth Bullock’s accomplishments in life; you can read more about this amazing man by clicking here!

It seems that Seth was not only a mover and a shaker in life, but also in death. Seth Bullock isn’t the only restless spirit haunting the Bullock Hotel, but he seems to be the most active!

Seth’s apparition has been spotted walking along the hallways of the second and third floors and many have heard his footsteps when he was not visible. Many guests have heard a deep male voice call out their names when no other living person was present! And, occasionally guests will report hearing happy whistling in the hallways. Also, on one occasion, a small boy became lost from his parents. The child’s parents were a little more than surprised when the child told them that a nice cowboy helped him to find their room!

Seth Bullock isn’t the only specter walking the halls of the hotel; there are apparently a few more!!

It is believed that Seth Bullock’s former Employee Manager still roams the hotel. Many employees have made claims that strange things occur when they are sitting idly and doing nothing while on the clock. Some of these reports include: glasses shaking, plates flying across the room, kitchen appliances coming on, lights turning on and off, objects being moved, their names being called out when no one else was around, barstools moving on their own, a broken clock in room 305 chiming, cleaning carts moving and one employee reported being sprayed by one of the shower heads while she was finishing up cleaning the shower.

Many guests have seen another apparition, a young girl, before she disappears into thin air! This child is also thought to be responsible for unrolling rolls of toilet paper in the guest bathrooms, turning on lights and turning on water faucets!

Some of the other paranormal reports within the hotel include: guests being tapped on the shoulder by unseen hands, electrical gadgets going haywire, moving shadows in the rooms, whispers and more!!

The Bullock Hotel seems to be riddled with paranormal activity and some psychics claim that there are more than 37 restless spirits residing within its walls.

One thing is for sure, guests and employees alike make claims of their experiences almost every day and the activity never seems to die down! Perhaps it never will!

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