The Haunting of Mount Marty College

Mount Marty College – Yankton County, Yankton, South Dakota

Photograph ©HCAP

This building was built in 1936 by the Benedictine Order of Sisters and was used as a Junior College for women.

During the building’s construction, a laborer fell to his death on the site of the building. This poor fellow’s apparition is believed to be responsible for showers turning on and off on their own, drinking fountains coming on unexplainably, phantom footsteps and shadows.

In the Corby Residence Hall, numberous witnesses in the elevator have seen the apparition of a female student who unexplainably disappeared.

In the Whitby Hall building, residents have claimed they saw a male apparition dressed in gray pants in their dorm rooms. Some of the residents have also claimed they saw various apparitions of workmen, wearing blue suits and hard hats, in their rooms.

In the Dakota Hall building, the apparition of a male has been seen and heard. This same boy hung himself in this building.

In the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity house, another male reportedly hung himself too death and now he restlessly haunts the house along with a female who died of infection that occurred after she was inadvertently scratched with a hat pin.

In the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity house, a young male named Gerry used a bullet to end his life. Gerry’s apparition is said to still roam the house and he is believed to be responsible for turning the TVs on and off, playing DVD players, and messing with the lights and electrical gadgets.

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