The Haunting of the Bowman Estate & Mausoleum

The Bowman Estate - Rutland County, Cuttingsville, Vermont

Photograph ©

Wealthy farmer, John Bowman, built the Bowman home in the early to mid eighteenth century, where he lived happily with his wife and children. It was during this time that tragedy struck, leaving Mr. Bowman a widower and childless. No one knows for sure how Mrs. Bowman and her children lost their lives so early; however, it isn’t far fetched to think that it could have been one of the many diseases that plagued that century.

After the death of his family, Mr. Bowman had a mausoleum built across the road from his home. He then hired 125 sculptors to build a statue of himself. This statue can be seen outside the door of the mausoleum, holding a wreath and a key while on bended knee.

As for the ghosts, the apparition of a woman, thought to be the former Mrs. Bowman, has been seen throughout the house on many occasions. This same spirit is thought to be responsible for correcting a child that was with one of the tour groups when she suddenly stuck out her tongue at one of the portraits on the wall and the portrait came off of the wall and hit her in the head. This incident is said to have happened in front of an entire group of people.

Another report at this house is a strong feeling of dread when standing at the top of the staircase. Consequently there is a stain in this area, thought to be a bloodstain. Maybe this stain is connected to one of the deaths in the house.

Today the home is used for a museum and new reports of the paranormal still pour in. As a matter of fact, no living person is even allowed to be on the grounds at night.

Highway 103
Cuttingsville, Vermont 05738