Haunted Place: Berkeley Plantation

Berkeley Plantation – Charles City County, Charles City, Virginia

Photograph ©U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service

Built in 1726 by Benjamin Harrison III, this is the oldest 3-story brick mansion in the state of Virginia. The land surrounding this home has seen its share of bloodshed! Having been tread upon by colonists in the early sixteenth century who were attacked by Marauding Indians, as well as, bearing witness to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the land may even be more haunted than the home itself!

The attic of the Berkeley Plantation is said to be home to one of its restless spirits. Many have reported hearing strange noises, shuffling footsteps, and insistent pacing on the floorboards.

In one of the bedrooms, many have claimed to see the apparition of a young girl. This young lady seems to be a friendly spirit, however, her sudden appearance out of nowhere is enough to unnerve most who come into contact with her.

In the parlor, many believe that the spirit of William Harrison, ancestor to Benjamin, is responsible for chandeliers shaking and clicking. He also believed to be the prankster who enjoys swinging the linen closet doors open just as tour guides are passing by.

In the dining room, many have claimed to “feel” a presence, or have reported seeing fruit come right out of the bowl and fly across the room before their very eyes. Oddly enough, these same people also reported that the flying fruit would eventually make its way back into the bowl!

Outside of the house, there have been many sightings of a male apparition dressed in Civil War uniform. This apparition is usually seen walking along the banks of the James River and he is sometimes accompanied by another male apparition, thought to be the spirit of a young drummer boy who lost his life in the Civil War as well.

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