Ghost Pic: Myrtles Plantation 3

This photo was taken at the Myrtles Plantation in Francisville, Louisiana. Thank you Blane for sending it in!

Blane and his wife and friends spent Halloween night at the Myrtles Plantation. In addition to this awesome photo, he said, "We had a great time at the Myrtles on Halloween night. The strangest things I took note of (besides this pic) was that there was a pipe smoke smell that “came and went” constantly, my camcorder tripod moved, and I heard what sounded like marbles rolling on the floor !!!"

Here's the pic...we'll talk about it more below.


My first thought upon seeing this photo was that the person in the mirror was the person taking the picture. However, after looking at it for a while, I realized that the form in the mirror is squatting down by the door. If this were the person taking the photo, they would have been about eye level with the bag on the bed.

The person by the door is somewhat odd. If you look closely, you can tell she is squatting down because you can see her knees pushing out the form of her dress. You can also see her foot. You cannot see her arms! And her head seems to be out of proportion with her body. .

The Haunting of the Myrtles Plantation