Demonic Hauntings Explained

Demonic hauntings are starting to gain a lot of attention from the media. We have heard about hauntings related to demonic entities in shows like "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Lab" and "Ghost Stories". Many movies have mentioned and displayed demonic possession and human manipulation by demons. These instances are covered in popular movies such as "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and even in the movie "Paranormal Activity". People just like you are starting to pay more attention to the fact that there is a possibility that any person may become subjected to a demonic haunting. There are numerous types of hauntings - paranormal researchers around the world have provided us with documentation to validate this fact. In this guide, you will learn about those that seem to be a result of a demonic entity which are considered some of the greatest unsolved mysteries.
Unlike other types of hauntings that have been identified by ghost hunters on an international basis, demonic hauntings are not a result of a residual energy or a human spirit. Demons are neither. Many researchers on the subject of demonology have stated that demons are the spirits of angels that have experienced the process of "Falling". I am sure that you have heard the phrase "Fallen Angel". The angels "fall" from the will of God as defined in the Holy Bible. They make a personal choice to follow Satan and to do his "Will" in both the physical world and the spiritual world. In many instances, the "Fallen" elect to oppress the individuals of the world. There are quite a few cases in which they take it a step further and actually possess these individuals.
Entities that are responsible for demonic hauntings are said to possess intelligence. When evaluating the Greek translation of the origination of the word "Demon", you will find that it was originally spelled "Daimon". When evaluating the underlying meaning of that word, you will quickly discover that it translates to "Intelligent". When a demonic haunting occurs, it is often common for a person to display signs of superior intelligence. They may seem to know things that they did not know previously to being possessed, many will appear to talk in "tongues", and others may begin to speak several different languages of the world - even though they have not received language training. Then, there are some that will expose information about others that could not have otherwise been known.
The next characteristic that demons have is that they seem to experience or feel emotion. Those that suffer from demonic hauntings often experience depression, anger, aggression, anxiety, fear, and a wide array of other emotions. In most cases, these emotions are not considered to be the "norm" for those that are possessed by a demon. This indicates to those that study demonology, the paranormal and demonic attributes that the highly charged emotions experienced by an individual must stem from the actual demonic entity that is in control of the person that is suffering from such a devastating experience.
The next characteristic when it comes to demonic hauntings is that the entities appear to have their own personal will. They make specific requests when they possess a person. They have the actual ability to enter into a person's body, leave their body, move about in a person's environment, and avoid certain people, places, and situations. In many cases of possession, a person's will may be so overcome with the will of the demon that is possessing them that they lose control in numerous ways. They may not be able to control how their act, attend to their personal needs, or even control their body movements.
As you can see, demonic hauntings are powerful and are considered to be some of the greatest unsolved mysteries. The individual that experiences such a devastating level of control in their lives may overcome the challenge with a religious cleansing or an exorcism. However, in some cases many never seek this form of assistance because they simply do not understand what is happening in their life. In some cases, a person may not have loved ones close enough to observe changes that may indicate such a haunting. If you or someone that you love is believed to be the subject of this type of haunting, seeking help is essential in overcoming the challenge.


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