Ghost Hunters!

Ghosts have long been a fixture of American life. The White House is said to be haunted by the ghosts of at least 3 ex-presidents. Ghosts are the subject of a number of popular TV shows. Who doesn't love Casper the friendly ghost? And Boo (the ghost in the Mario video games)?
Some people may be wondering, what exactly are ghosts? Well, that can be a hard question to answer. Some people suspect ghosts are just the souls of people waiting to get into heaven. The wait can be pretty long, so to pass the time they play pranks on the living, spooky pranks. Some ghosts pass the time by vacationing in Ireland and screaming. These are called banshees.
Some people worry that their loved ones may become vampires, zombies, or Frankensteins. Those are all myths. Ghosts are proven by science. Just watch Ghost Hunters on AE or the documentary film starring Patrick Swayze Ghost. Ghost Hunters is one of many good TV shows about hauntings. The film Ghost received many positive film reviews.
Those of you who have recently lost a loved one may not want their soul to fall into the wrong crowd, so to speak. You want them on the fast track to heaven no tacking a number and waiting in the nose bleeds till their name gets called. This is where the mourners kaddish comes in. Think of it as the VIP bracelet for the spirit of your fallen loved ones.
Making sure the kaddish is said is a great way to curry favor with heaven's bouncers and ensure a seat next to the big man (or women) himself. Jews have been saying the Jewish prayer for the dead for thousands of years and we haven't had any major problems yet, so it is working. Besides, when you die you will want someone to have a Jewish memorial service in your honor. That means you have to memorialize people who die.
Ghosts will sometimes come back to haunt their loved ones so if you don't want grandpa's spirit stalking around your home at night you better say the kaddish and fast. Don't think ghosts are just loudmouth Irish tourists or prank loving dead people. Sometimes they come back to teach us lessons about caring, avenge their own death, or lead their loved ones to treasures.


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