Haunted Castles in America

There are several haunted castles in America. Most everyone is attracted to castles. These immense structures are typically constructed in such a way that they naturally appeal to anyone who lays eyes on them. In addition to this, they usually stem from a long, rich history that is filled with intrigue and mystery. This is especially true when it comes to the haunted castles that are located throughout the United States of America. In this guide, you will be introduced to several of the many haunted castles in America.
The Preston Castle
The Preston Castle is located in the city of Ione, in California. In the year of 1890, the construction on this majestic building started. It was created to reflect the architectural style which is commonly referred to as "Romanesque Revival". Originally, this was referred to as the "Preston School of Industry". At the time in which the building was created, the community saw a need to have a place where juvenile offenders to the law could be placed, with the purpose and intent of rehabilitation. Construction completed in the year of 1894. It was at this time that the first young offenders entered the doors of the immense structure for the first time.
When it comes to schools that aim to reform, the Preston Castle is one of the most well known in all of America. It was considered to be the very first of its type at the time. As a matter of fact, when it opened, electricity was not even present. This luxury came a year later through the means of a massive water wheel that was used to produce minimal, but substantive lighting to the residents of the facility. As time progressed, the faculty and staff who operated the structure determined that it was time to move from the castle itself as it had started to deteriorate tremendously. This occurred around the year of 1960.
Throughout the years, several different types of hauntings have been said to have occurred at this castle. In one instance, there is a special type of cemetery that was created in an effort to hold those who passed away while living in the Preston Castle. While this cemetery is said to only house approximately twenty three individual graves, many claim that there are spirits lingering in this area of the grounds. Individuals who have visited this area often sense areas of intense coldness. In addition to this, several have felt strong, uncomfortable emotions on the grounds.
There are several strange and unusual events that seem to occur in this haunted castle in America. Events such as strange noises, unusual smells, voices, intense emotional states, and even full body apparitions have been spotted in this haunted American castle. While it appears that most hauntings seem to be residual based, it is also believed that many of the spirits that linger on the grounds and within the walls of the structure are intelligent, making this one of the scariest places on Earth - especially at night!
Thornwood Castle
The Thornwood Castle is located in Washington, in the city of Lakewood. Today, this structure serves as a popular "Bed and Breakfast", particularly for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Original construction of the immense home began in the year of 1908 and continued until completion in the year of 1911. Most of the unique architecture emerged from England, as the owner, Chester Thorne, wanted to ensure that the home was built to withstand weatherization and time. As time progressed in the history of this home, many who came to know it - both inside and out - have determined that this seems to be a gateway to the spiritual world.
Most individuals who visit this haunted American castle state that there is a sense of peace and calm that seems to generate out of the walls themselves - as if the building is a fortress of spirit and positive life energy. No matter where you go in the structure - there does not seem to be any sort of evil presence that lurks in the castle. Many claimed that they have experienced intelligent hauntings that seem to want to communicate with the living, for one reason or another. Then, there seem to be even angelic presences as accounted by many witnesses that appear to want to protect the building, as well as all those that enter the property and the building itself. If you are seeking to emerge yourself into a place of spiritual life, the haunted Thornwood Castle in Washington is sure to be a place that you will want to be!
The Beardslee Castle
The Beardslee Castle is located in New York in the city of Little Falls. This has been considered to be one of the most haunted castles in America for some time now. Today, you can visit this unique structure easily as it is a restaurant that is open to the public. If you go to the hill that is located in what is referred to as "Mohawk Valley", you will discover this castle, standing in all of its majesty. Constructed in the year of 1860 by the infamous Augustus Beardslee, this building has a long history that contributes to the belief that spirits reside in and around the brick and mortar used to construct it.
There are two very popular hauntings that seem to occur in this haunted American castle. The first is a lady that is dressed in all white. Naturally, she is even called the "lady in white". Then, there is the story of a man who seems to be consumed by shadows lingering in and around the structure on a consistent basis. The identities of these two individuals are not known, but many who have studied the history of the structure are under the impression that these are actual Beardslee family members that linger on even after death in the physical body. Naturally, there are your typical noises, shadows, moving objects, and electrical interference in this particular haunted castle as well!
This is just a sample of the many haunted castles in America today. If you have a fascination with castles, history, and paranormal stories and legends, visiting one of these haunted places to go would be in your best interest! There are several other haunted castles in America today apart from the ones mentioned here, however, these seem to be the most popular among those who are in search of haunted castles that have a long tale when it comes to actual history.


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