The Haunting of the Argo Hotel & Steakhouse

Argo Hotel – Knox County, Crofton, Nebraska

Photograph ©Nebraska State Historical Society

Built in 1911, the Argo Hotel has had reports of paranormal activity for some time and today, claims are still rolling in. Current owners renovated after purchasing the building in 1994. It was during these restorations that the bones of an infant were found inside a burlap bag, sealed up in a concrete wall.

Some of the claims made by Argo employees and patrons include: unexplainable and inconsistent cold spots in various parts of the building, flickering lights despite the fact that the place was rewired, the unexpected and bizarre shattering of drinking glasses.

One apparitions has been observed in the business; a female specter that is said to call for her child. This apparition has been, not only seen and heard, but also felt; as some have claimed they were touched.

A second apparition who has only been heard is that of a baby. Many have reported hearing this phantom baby crying during the night and after the discovery of infant bones, I’d say an infant spirit is definitely fathomable.

211 West Kansas Street
Crofton, Nebraska 68730
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