The Haunting of the McCune Mansion

McCune Mansion – Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Utah

Photograph ©Cathy

Alfred W. McCune built the McCune Mansion in 1900, after amassing a fortune in the railroad business. The total cost to build the home was over $1 Million dollars; quite a large amount of money in that day. After Mr. McCune and his wife raised their children, they donated the home to the Church of Latter Day Saints who then turned it into the “McCune School of Music.”

In the early 1950’s the mansion went on to become the Brigham Young University Salt Lake City Center and then twenty years later it became the Virginia Tanner Modern Dance School. Then in 1999 Mr. Phil McCarthy and his family purchased the home and worked excessively to restore it to its former beauty. These restorations were completed in 2001.

Though it is unclear why it began, the paranormal activity started directly after the McCunes’ moved out. Since that day the strange reports have continued to grow. Here are a few of the claims:

Under the main staircase, many have reported hearing the sounds of instrumental music being played. When the house was a music school, this room was used for such a purpose, however, that room is no longer in use.

Two apparitions have also been seen roaming about the old home. The first apparition is a man who wears a black cape. Apparently he shows up anywhere in the house and observes the living. The second apparition is that of a little girl who is said to resemble one of the paintings that hangs in the house. This little girl has been seen walking into and out of a mirror that is located in the West end of the house.

Another odd report here is spectral footprints that begin and end in the center of rooms. This phenomenon is thought to be caused by the young girls apparition.

Other claims in the mansion include: items being rearranged or moved during the night, lights turning themselves on during the night, doors being unlocked after they were locked and checked, interior doors being locked even when they have no locking mechanism and furniture being rearranged when no one is around.

Today the reports are still coming in, though it is unclear as to who these entities were in life or why they stay on in the McCune mansion.

200 North Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103