The Haunting of Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market –King County, Seattle, Washington
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The Pike Place Market got its start in the early nineteen hundreds. It flourished due to the fact that it had such fair prices and it continued on through the Great Depression and World War 2.

Sometime during the late 1940’s, Pike Place Market began to lose business due to supermarkets that were beginning to pop up everywhere. But, in spite of it’s losses, it still managed to draw in enough customer to keep it open into the 1960’s.

By this time the buildings were decaying and the place was considered an eye sorer. The city was then set on removing the market place.

Thankfully, a campaign was put into action to save the historic site and it was repaired in 1971.

Today the Pike Place Market is still going strong and it offers, not just produce or insight into Seattle’s rich history, but also restless spirits of the past!

Perhaps the most well-known and active ghost in Pike Place is the Duwamish Indian, “Princess Angeline,” eldest daughter to Chief Seattle.

Princess Angeline, named by her Caucasian friends in the Market Place, lived on the Duwamish reservation when the Pike Place Market moved in. The Indians residing there were told to leave. Princess Angeline basically told the developers to kiss her bottom and she stayed on the outskirts of the Market place, making her living doing laundry for the Marketers.

The people of Pike Place became attached to the Indian princess and when she died in 1896, they buried her in a specially made coffin (made in the shape of a canoe) in the Lake View Cemetery on Capital Hill!

New spottings of Angeline are made every day at Pike Place Market. Marketers and visitors have been reporting her apparition for over one hundred years now! She is usually reported to look “solid” as if she were a real person, but then she suddenly disappears or fades away into thin air right before the witnesses eyes! Angeline is usually seen in the underground ramps of the shopping area, carrying many baskets and wearing her notorious red scarf about her head.

Many of the living have also reported seeing some of the less known entities that reside at Pike Place. One such spirit is that of a “Handsome, Young Black Man” who is seen peering out of a window of the Vitium Capitale Restaurant or walking about in other various areas of the market place.

The appariton of a very overweight female has been spotted near the place of her death, where she apparently fell through the balcony and hit the pavement below. Ouch!

These are just a few of the ghosts at Pike Place Market. Many strange and unexplainable things are reported here daily. If you’re ever in the area, you might want to check it out. Be sure to bring your camera…one tourist did and was surprised at what he caught…see his video below!

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