The Haunting of the Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University – Warren County, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Photograph ©OP Master


1906 College Heights Boulevard
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
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Academic Complex

Many have reported seeing apparitions out of the corner of their eye here, as well as, hearing phantom footsteps. Two witnesses reported watching as a CD player moved around the room on its own and seeing a closet door open and close when no one was there.

Barnes – Campbell Hall

In this building, a maintenance man was killed in the elevator shaft while trying to fix it. This poor man’s apparition has been said to turn on water faucets full blast and his ghostly footprints have been seen coming from the showers to the elevator. Apparently this phantom is also responsible for running the elevator up and down when no one is on it. The elevator is also said to make stops at the fifth floor when no one has pushed the fifth floor button and the doors will open as if someone is getting on or off.

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity House

The apparition of a woman has been seen here. It is said that this woman was murdered many years before the house was used by the University. The female specter has been seen running across the front yard of the house at night. Claims have also been made that she occasionally lights a fire in the fireplace! This entity, like many others, turns lights on and off and likes to hide items from their owners.

Library & Museum

A misty formed apparition was once caught on film here. Many have seen this same form out of the corner of their eye but by the time they turn to look, the specter is gone. Many people have also complained of cold gusts of air where there should’ve been none, books being thrown onto the floor by some unseen source and the eerie feeling that someone is looking over your shoulder.

McClean Hall

Ms. McClean haunts this namesake and is said to roam the hallways late at night. Many of the University students have communicated with McClean via the Ouija board and many have claimed that she appeared to them when requested.

Pearce Ford Tower

The elevators in this building are known to go up and down on their own. Apparently, as with the Barnes-Campbell Hall building, a maintenance man was killed in one of the shafts while servicing the elevator.

Potter Hall

The restless spirit of a young woman named Allison is said to haunt this building; apparently she committed suicide in the basement. This apparition has been heard walking down hallways and many have claimed to hear her call out their name! Allison is also said to bang on the pipe where she hung herself and her presence has been felt in the same area.

Rhodes Harlin Hall

A young woman is said to have committed suicide here, by leaping to her death from the roof. This woman’s apparition has been spotted on the roof and she is also said to tap on doors. Many claim that the woman’s spirit scratches on windows and they have heard her footsteps on the roof when no one was up there.

Schneider Hall

A female apparition is said to haunt Schneider Hall. Apparently the woman was viciously attacked and murdered many years ago by an escaped mental patient. This woman’s apparition has been spotted looking out of the windows in this building. Many have also claimed that the specter likes to rearrange furniture, play with electrical gadgets, scratch on doors, and cause cold spots.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon House

At the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House, the apparition of a young man has been spotted walking along the outer walls of the building. He is described as tall, thin and dressed in some type of uniform. This apparitions presence is often “felt” in room 7 and many have heard his disembodied footsteps echoing throughout the building.

Van meter Hall Auditorium

A janitorial employee fell to his death from a ladder while working on the skylight in the auditorium. The apparition of this man is said to still haunt the building and he has been seen by many who claimed that he just appeared in front of them out of nowhere! On the stage where his body was found, there have been many who claim that the spot occasionally glows and that a stain from his blood reappears after being cleaned. This apparition has also been known to turn lights on and off, open and close the stage curtains and move items around.