The Haunting of the Chapel of the Cross

Chapel of the Cross – Madison County, Madison, Mississippi

Photograph ©CosmicRay’s

Built in 1855 by Margaret Johnston, this Gothic-style church and its cemetery is said to be haunted.

The apparition of a young woman has been spotted sitting by one of the tombstones crying. This seems to happen frequently and is believed to be a residual haunting.

Two apparitions of children have also been seen passing right through an iron gate, climbing up a tree and sitting there together before they vanish. This may also be residual.

Some of the other paranormal activity here includes: the pipe organ playing after the church has been locked up tight for the evening and frenzied laughing from some unseen entity.

One of the most disturbing occurrences here are the blood stains that continually reappear on the chapel floor after they are repeatedly cleaned up. Apparently, one of the former caretakers cut the head off of his wife and then he hung himself from the rafters inside the chapel. These reoccurring stains are thought to be a product of this murder.

Hauntings and paranormal aside, this church still has an active, living congregation who welcomes anyone who wishes to serve Christ. For more information, see their website is provided below.

674 Mannsdale Road
Madison, Mississippi 39110
(601) 856-2593