The Haunting of the Wabasha Street Caves

Wabasha Street Caves – Ramsey County, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Photograph ©mestes76

From the outside, the Wabasha Street Caves looks like a normal building. The structure itself was built into the side of a cliff back in the late eighteen-hundreds and used for mining silica.

Over the years, this structure has been popular as a gangster hideout, a place for mushroom farmers to grow their products, nightclubs and more. Today the Wabasha Street Caves offer fine dining, entertainment and tours.

The paranormal reports here continue to this day. The apparition of a gentleman wearing a Panama hat has been seen in various areas of the caves. Another male apparition is said to spend his time with a female apparition at the bar and the two are often seen together around three in the morning. Also, a second female apparition has been spotted roaming throughout the passageways.

In the early 1930’s, three gangsters were reportedly gunned down within the caves. One of the gangster’s apparitions has been seen in full-bodied, solid form and has appeared right in front of unsuspecting patrons in the cave corridors! All three of the gangster’s apparitions have been seen by a few children and have even been reported to play with them before disappearing into thin air!

215 Wabasha Street South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55107
(651) 292-1220