The Haunting of the Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation – West Feliciana County, St. Francisville, Louisiana

Photograph ©Stephen Wagner

This plantation house was built in 1796 by General Bradford. Apparently, at least ten people were murdered on the grounds or in the house, which certainly accounts for the paranormal activity there.

Of all the restless spirits at the plantation, I believe Chloe is the most famous and the most active.

Chloe was the governess to the Woodruff children in the early eighteen-hundreds. Apparently, Chloe was also a secret lover to Judge Woodruff (a son-in-law of General Bradford). The story goes: Judge Woodruff ended the affair with Chloe. Soon afterward he caught her eavesdropping on a business meeting and he cut her ear off. After that, the Judge’s oldest daughter had a birthday. Chloe baked a cake and presented it at the birthday party. The cake was laced with poison and caused the death of Mrs. Woodruff and two of the Woodruff children. Chloe was then hung from a tree close to the slave’s quarters.

Chloe’s apparition has been spotted walking between the main house and the slave’s quarters. A tourist who was taking pictures in that area caught an image on film that resembles that of a female slave. You can find the link to that photograph at the end of this article.

Chloe is also reported to have awakened one of the former owners of the plantation during the night. The owner woke up due to Chloe shaking her while she was sleeping. When she rolled over and saw the apparition she was terrified at first. She said that Chloe’s apparition looked at her disappointingly as if she thought the owner had been someone else.

Chloe’s apparition has been described as a lean woman in a flowing dress and wearing a green turbine upon her head.

Two little girls’ apparitions have also been spotted in and around the house. These two spirits are believed to be the poisoned daughters of Judge Woodruff. The girls have been reported to peer through windows and have also been seen at the foot of beds in the middle of the night. Many guests have also claimed to see the two of them playing on the porches of the house. Another activity that may be attributed to one or both of these girls is the unseen force that jumps up and down on the beds. After this occurs, the apparition of a maid is seen straightening the bedcovers!

Another apparition believed to haunt the plantation is that of Mr. William Winter. William was the husband of Sarah Sterling. The two lived at the plantation from 1860-1871. William was shot in the chest as he walked out the front door of the house. He then made his way back into the home and partially up the stairs, calling to his wife for help. William made it to the seventeenth step and died there in his wife’s arms. William’s apparition is believed to be responsible for the phantom footsteps that are often heard on the staircase at night. The footsteps are slow and agonizing, accompanied by thumps and bangs as he stagers up.

A few other ghostly sighting at the Myrtles Plantation includes a Confederate soldier. This soldier has been seen and heard while crossing the front veranda. Another male apparition has been seen by visitors and he has apparently warned them not to come into the house. A voodoo priestess has been observed performing a healing ritual on a little girl. The apparition of a ballet dancer has been reported to appear in a tutu. Many slave’s apparitions have been reported throughout the house, seen doing their daily chores. And, a young woman of Indian descent has been seen lounging naked in the backyard gazebo!

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